OysterMom oysters are grown in Apalachee Bay
In clean waters
Harvested when you need them.
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Location matters. These oysters are locally grown!

The best oysters come from the best waters. OysterMom’s are raised locally in Apalachee Bay near Piney Island which is surrounded by protected lands including St Marks National Wildlife Refuge, Apalachicola National Forest and Wakulla Springs. They feed on nature’s bounty. Raised up right by OysterMom.

How to Order

Oysters on the half shell

The 'select' oysters are sold in bags of 50 oysters for $45 or 100 oysters for $90.
Click here to order now. Let me know how many oysters you want and when you will be needing them. Advance orders requested. The oysters are harvested when you need them and available for pick up by appointment on the day you need them.
1139 E. Tennessee St in downtown Tallahassee
(Behind B&B Sporting Goods)

Pickup Location

OysterMom provides oyster bar catering service at your event. Please contact me directly to discuss your event date, location and oyster service needs. As Seen on The Knot weddingwire.com

Farmed vs. Wild

Oysters baskets

When you purchase OysterMom oysters, you know exactly where they came from, who took care of them, when they were harvested and how they were raised. No additives. Approved clean waters.
Careful handling from farm to table. Once you receive your oysters -- keep them cool. I keep mine right in the refrigerator in an open bowl. If you put them on ice, do not let them sit in the melt water. They don't like fresh water! OysterMom oysters are good all year round! That old 'only in Months with an R' thing has been outdated since we implemented strict refrigeration rules and developed an oyster that will not spawn. Yummy all year.

Who is OysterMom?


OysterMom is a career conservationist dedicated to sustainable oyster aquaculture. Using only best management practices, OysterMom is working for the future of oysters as a sustainable food source and as habitat for the Gulf of Mexico. OysterMom is certified by the FL Dept of Agriculture as a Certified Shellfish Harvester and Processor selling premium farmed oysters.

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Phone: 850-566-7051
1139 E Tennessee St
Tallahassee, FL 32308

Comments and reviews

Mike 12-23-2019

These are Fantastic Oysters! We haven't had good oysters on the half shell in years. And they are so clean. All you have to do is shuck and eat.

Bill 08-08-2019

After calling the locals in Wakulla I decided to give oyster mom a try. Unfortunately she was in a huge hurry to go on vacation. I met her in Tallahassee and even though I was on time she hadn't given my oysters anything resembling a decent prepping! The oysters were small most looked like they were just pulled from the bed. Additionally the count was questionable. As I was about to leave she talked me into buying her last 4 dozen which were nicely cleaned and packaged. I feel she probably takes good care of her regulars but unfortunately I won't be one of them as I felt taken advantage of.

Randy Floyd 05-11-2019

While playing music on the square in Downtown Tallahassee, I met the Oyster Mom. I tried her oysters and wow they were over the top great. I'm from Texas and have tried oysters from the gulf and there is no comparison. These were so tasty. A little salty and sweet. I could have eaten 10 dozen but had to get back to pickin.

Amy Phillips 03-11-2019

I got oysters from oyster mom for this past weekend and took them south to share with family who are big seafood lovers and they all commented on how good they were. They were the perfect size. Not too salty and we ate them til we couldn’t eat anymore! They also told me when I come back I need to bring oysters! We ate them raw and steamed and they were perfect! Thanks oyster mom for raising such good and tasty oysters! I’ll be back to get some more!

Cheryl Fuller...Halperns' Steak and Seafood, Atlanta Ga 04-17-2018

Would love to get your oysters!

Kent Wimmer 10-23-2017

Wonderful oysters and OysterMom is a pleasure to work with as she made it so easy for us. You can't go wrong with OysterMom and her oysters!

Bill Walton 07-30-2017

I was visiting the area with friends and brought home about 120. Within *one day*, we had polished them off! They were delicious and it was a joy to shuck and serve them to dear friends.

River Spencer 12-06-2016

sweet, salty and the tastiest morsels......ummm, we will be calling again!!!

Elizabeth Eason 10-18-2016

I bought 50 oysters 2 weeks ago for my husband. He said these were the tastiest oysters he had eaten in a long time. He and my dad had them gone in 2 days. We will be getting more Thanksgiving weekend. Thanks OysterMom.

Robert King, 10-18-2016

OysterMom oysters have changed everything. As a mobile oyster bar caterer in central Florida, sourcing top quality premium Florida gulf oysters can at times be a challenge. Quality, consistency and even availability of the historic resource can leave us without product to sell. Often it meant serving product from distant states elsewhere. So the event of OysterMom is epic for us. Once our customers enjoy Appalachee Bay oysters, they specifically request them from then on. Moderately saline, smooth and buttery year round, just the right size for half-shell and steamed presentation. It has been easy to establish repeat customers with oysters this great. oysterbob.com